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2 Months (2 Days/Week)

Course Objective

The course objective is to teach the professional web development skills to candidate practically.


This Ranglerz PHP Course in Lahore will enable students who are already familiar with HTML (Web Designing), to build powerful web solutions. They will advance to dynamic, database-enabled, website/localhost programming and integrating applications using the open-source PHP scripting language and MySQL database. The course broadly comprises the basics to learn programming with PHP, relational database design and operations with using MySQL, and creating web solutions using PHP and MySQL.

Learning web design and knowing to code in PHP is a highly valued skill. It can help you land jobs in big IT companies, working as a full backend developer, with great monetary benefits and a satisfying career. Even if you are not an experienced coder, attending advanced PHP classes at a web training institute in Lahore, will actually work in your favour. The skills and analytic abilities that you will discover during the course will only make you crave to learn more. Our PHP Web Developers who will be delivering this course, will help you enhance your professional PHP development skills. Come register now at the Ranglerz Training Institute, the best web development institute in Lahore.

Eligibility Requirements

Candidate must have moderate knowledge of HTML/PHP and Graphic designing or candidate has completed the Basic Web designing and development course.

Course Outline of Professional Web Developer Training

  • Static vs. Dynamic Websites
  • Dynamic Content from Databases
  • Developing Dynamic Internet Applications
  • Client-Side Scripting vs. Server-Side Scripting
  • Overview of PHP Advantages and Capabilities
  • PHP vs. ASP
  • Apache Configuration Files
  • Configuring Apache for PHP
  • WWW Sites within Apache
  • Apache Virtual Hosts
  • Website Properties
  • Relational Database Concepts
  • How to Design Your Database
  • Creating Databases and Users
  • Introduction to MySQL’ Privilege System
  • Creating Database Tables
  • Configuring PHP for Database Support
  • PHP's Database
  • Retrieving Data from Forms
  • Form Handling in PHP
  • Form Validation in PHP
  • Form Required & URL/Email in PHP
  • PHP Form Complete
  • Introduction to MySQL
  • Installing and Configuring MySQL
  • Connecting to MySQL
  • PHP Functions Specific to MySQL
  • Executing MySQL Calls (CRUD)
  • Using PHP My-Admin to Configure MySQL
  • PHP Scripting Fundamentals
  • Print Statement
  • Code Blocks
  • Primitive Data Types
  • Defining Constants and Variables
  • Looping Constructs
    • While
    • Do-While
    • For
    • Exit & Break
  • True and False Expressions
  • If, Else and Else-If
  • Switch-Case Statement
  • Logical Operators
  • Relational Operators
  • Bitwise Operators
  • Other Operators
  • What are Arrays?
  • Usage of Arrays in PHP
  • Array Indexing
  • Initializing Arrays
  • Operating on Arrays
  • Sorting Arrays
  • Introduction to Functions
  • Declaring Functions
  • Scope
  • Passing Arguments to Functions
  • Local and Global Scope
  • Passing Arguments to Functions
  • Returning Values from a Function
  • Using Include Files
  • Predefined PHP Functions
  • Introduction to joins
  • INNER Join
  • OUTER Join
  • LEFT Join
  • RIGHT Join
  • Purpose of Cookies and Sessions
  • Setting Cookies and Sessions
  • Retrieving Cookies and Sessions
  • Expiring Cookies and Sessions
  • Deleting Cookies and Sessions
  • Understanding MVC
  • Model, View and Controller Concept
  • MVC Pattern in PHP
  • Understanding Web Services
  • Why We Use Web Services
  • Implemented Web Services
  • Required Characteristics of an E-Commerce Site
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Data Validation
  • Building a Custom Shopping Cart
  • Order Processing via the Web
  • Using Mail for Confirmation
  • Security Threats
  • Creating a Security Policy
  • Encryption Basics
  • SQL Injections
  • Required Characteristics of an E-Commerce Site
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Data Validation
  • Building a Custom Shopping Cart
  • Order Processing via the Web
  • Using Mail for Confirmation

Course Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand process of executing a PHP-based script on a webserver
  • Be able to develop a form containing several fields and be able to process the data provided
  • Understand basic PHP syntax for variable use, and standard language constructs
  • Understand the syntax and use of PHP object-oriented classes.
  • Understand the syntax and functions available to deal with file processing and web URLs.
  • Understand the MVC Structure and Web Services

Next Batch Start Date
23th October, 2017

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